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Walter Dixon voice over professional

7/7/17 Walter Dixon Passes 200 Title Milestone on

Years after "Spark", Walter Dixon's first recording was posted on in April 2008, he recently saw title number 200 (Unstuck) and 201, (Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness) go up on the audiobook website on the same day.
Walter says before "Spark" was recorded, publishers used to ask him "Do you have any samples on Audible I could listen to?" and he'd have to say "No". Dixon recalls; "The conversation would stall out about there. Publishers weren't interested in taking a chance on some guy with no apparent experience. I remember back in 2008 trying to get just ONE book on Audible. Reaching 200 was just a dream back then." Walter is now a full time narrator working from a home studio near Boston Massachusetts.